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Half naked gothic girls with pussy liquor and stolen babies that were dead by day As Rob Zombie announces his intention to revisit and re-imagine John Carpenter's Halloween movie, new writer jaycentee gets into a horrifying fan show in Burbank, CA

Half naked gothic girls with pussy liquor and stolen babies that were dead by day

As Rob Zombie announces his intention to revisit and re-imagine John Carpenter's Halloween movie, new writer jaycentee gets into a horrifying fan show in Burbank, CA

by Jaycentee,
first published: June, 2006

approximate reading time: minutes

And there was a great Scream Stars Room containing well over 100 horror film stars

FANGORIA'S WEEKEND OF HORRORS in burbank brought an onslaught of fans and celebrities from all around the country. I participated this year as a vendor and the crowds changed from Friday to Sunday. It was very interesting to see how the crowds on one day dressed and looked like death where as on another day it looked like a family event.

For those of you who've never attended such an event I would recommend getting the three day pass and buy your tickets ahead of time and save yourself some money (to spend on the vendors.)

Friday was the Death metal crowd and an interesting crowd it was. Everything from colored hair, spiked hair, platform shoes, pleated plaid miniskirts, colorful and goth inspired thigh-high stockings (my fave, oh hell, goth girls rock!) All of this and some even took the time creeping out their looks with cracks on their faces or pale, pale skin tones with dark eye-shadow highlighted with red to give that zoned out look, in addition to some whom even put on the gore look. You might think you were at a goth show but then there was the occasional "geek", and the ones that looked normal dressed but just hidden under the pant leg you could catch a glimpse of those candy cane stockings! Some of the guys were dressed the same and a few were borderline cross dressing.

Saturday rolled around and the crowd seemed to be a slightly more of the Celebrity fan base group, all wanting to get a glimps of the famous horror star Bruce Campbell from "Evil Dead" and "Spiderman". His seminar was interesting but his photo op line was an amazement unto itself. The line was hours long but for you money you got to sit next to him for all of ohhh lets say 30 seconds.

Then the Sunday fell upon the convention and what..? To my suprise... Families with their kids. It was as if there was never a goth person around and just your average fan. However, more surprising was more of the local stars started showing up like David Arquette in his purple feather-donned fedora. He surely slipped through the crowds like he was a ghost. He was at a booth the one moment and, whamo gone the next. He had some guy directing him around (probally the guy who went through once and then brought him in to the best stuff... It's easier for stars that way). Another was R.A. Mihailoff, why he wasn't on as a celebrity is beyond me but he showed up walking around saying hi to everyone. For being a serious Killer in the film Leatherface III he is the nicest person (just don't piss him off). Oh and the kid from the first halloween movie, uhh yeah he is no kid but it was very interesting to see people stop him and say "Hey, you're that kid from "Halloween". A strange site to see. How would anyone know you from when you were a kid is beyond me but then there are true fans out there that latch onto anything they can to be able to have that bit of history as a tangible thing in their life. Hmmm... acting! Oh and if you got a glimpse of it, like the hundreds who were in line for the semi nude Masuimi Max! yeah when she turned around every so often her whole back side was exposed and yes a nice plump tush with a tat pointing down to the direction of the crack-age it was. She was there with Coffin Cases and Red Hot Pussy Liquor clothing crew.

A word on the Fango panels they had. One was on the new "Halloween" movie, in the pamphlet handed out it stated new news on it with inside information. I didn't get any inside information unless they meant the information was inside the event??? At any rate what you read is not always true, so for the rest of the panels it was just go and see if you get good info, great if you don't, hey you get to see a star be they famous or not.

I must say the bands they choose for the Spooktakular event were great and the in-between acts were just as fun. The event was delayed an hour so it didn't start till 9pm and the last band left the stage at 3.45am or something like that. I was a zombie and barely drove home to flop on my bed and close my eyes only to find out my alarm woke me up at 6am so i could get back to my vendor booth by 7am. For those of you into metal-goth-grunge bands I must say the first band was great "More than Never" the second was ok and the third was interesting. The Final band that went on at around 3am (I think was Dead By Day), they have a whole routine of entertaining the listener with effects and blood. So if you were in the front you got pelted with blood splattering from different items used throughout the bands' set. The drummer had a cool setup, with dead heads on spikes. All of the band members each had a cool costume ala matrix meets dominatrix, meets horror, and they each wore silicone masks that were form fitting and very realistic looking.

All in all a wonderful convention for the fans who couldn't make the east coast Fango convention (that alone is the best one to attend)...



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