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Outsideleft's Bottom. The 25 Least Popular Stories of the Year. So far... These stories were broadly ignored by the readers of outsideleft... it's your chance to redeem them now

Outsideleft's Bottom. The 25 Least Popular Stories of the Year. So far...

These stories were broadly ignored by the readers of outsideleft... it's your chance to redeem them now

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: July, 2007

approximate reading time: minutes

The Least popular stories at oursideleft in 2007 so far

Needing a big introduction, apparently... The least read stories we've published in outsideleft this year... #1, a review of Jonathan Lethem interested absolutely no one... Yet. Are you a Blogger? Potential Potentate?  Dabbler? Your story could so easily be here!

  1. Suggested Summer Reading: Lethem's Latest? by J. Charreaux
    J. Charreaux suggests that if you have to read anything this summer, it might as well be , You Don't Love Me Yet, by certified genius, Jonathan Lethem.
  2. Hail the Conquering Douchebag by Alex V. Cook
    I forgot how much I need Greg Dulli in my life. His cigarette and need-damaged rasp, his horrible way about him, his come-ons and breakdowns. Greg Dulli might be the last great male rock singer.
  3. Redemption Song - The Ballad Of Joe Strummer by Paul Hawkins
    Paul Hawkins meets Joe Strummer's definitive biographer Chris Salewicz
  4. Rebel Art by Joe Ambrose
    Panic Attack! - Art in the Punk Years at London's Barbican proves the notion that punk was one of the most vital and significant cultural markers of the 20th Century.
  5. The Fantastic Four, a Silver Surfboard and the Salton Sea by Lamont
    There are four fantastic shows at once at MOCA this summer and while we were about it for one night only the touring Documentary - Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea - narrated by John Waters
  6. Ryan Adams: Ego Trapped in Amber by Alex V. Cook
    Ryan Adams emerges gloriously from the depths of self-parody and not-giving-a-fuck with Easy Tiger.
  7. an Odd Pitch: an introduction by Lamont
    Celebrity tv / radio / print commercials spotted here...
  8. Rebel Art Too by Joe Ambrose
    Leafcutter John literally coaxes stories from the floors of the Beaconsfield Art Center in Soundtrap II, a mash up of sonics, visuals and more...
  9. Don't Miss Our Annual White Sale by Alex V. Cook
    The White Stripes emerge yet again with a bill of goods, and I'm still buying
  10. Poets Got Rhythm by Shane O'Reilly
    Shane runs into buzz band Poets of Rhythm in Dublin
  11. an Odd Pitch #1: Elvis Costello and Lexus by Lamont
    The first of an occasional series of mainly musical pitchmen and their products
  12. Drop Your Margaritas and Run Naked in the Streets by Alex V. Cook
    Blitzen Trapper falls like a flaming meteor on a dull summer and sends me into a frenzy
  13. An instant rebate at My Beautiful Laundrette by Lamont
    What can a shut-in do to save the world
  14. Charles Stuart is a Man Who Likes Watching by Paul Hawkins
    Paul Hawkins meets Charles Stuart, the Man Who Likes Watching...
  15. Celebrating Brion Gysin and William Burroughs by Lake
    Destroy All Rational Thought is a documentary film based around the Here To Go Show that took place in Ireland in the early 1990s. We talk to one of its co-creators about the newly remastered DVD
  16. White Light/No Heat/Lots of Stretching by Alex V. Cook
    Lou Reed releases an album of contemplative yoga music (really) and still comes off revelatory and dangerous.
  17. Frog Eyes, Spilt Coffee and The Spurt of Blood by Alex V. Cook
    Listening to Frog Eyes is like biting into one of Proust's madeleines, except it's a madeleine filled with blood.
  18. Happy Shopper #15 - Pure Evil by Lake
    Pure Evil, the prolific vampire rabbit loving graffiti artist has a one man show in London. He gives us his shopping list.
  19. Shellac is a natural polymer and is chemically similar to synthetic polymers by Alex V. Cook
    The mighty Shellac return from the abyss with enough broken shards of integrity to slice down the veil of inadequacy around us all.
  20. The Return of the Pearly King of Rock'n'Roll by Lake
    Often the first with a stupid idea - Lake welcomes the White Stripes pearly phase...
  21. The Antony Gormley White Out by Lake
    Antony Gormley's first major solo show in London is more fun than you might have imagined.
  22. Tav Falco's Up to Something... by Lamont
    Tav Falco and the Unapproachable Panther Burns alive and well, we hear, in Paris, France
  23. Top Summer Reading: The LA Times Homicide Blog by Lamont
    Ditch the Jacqueline Susann paperbacks this summer and shock yourself conscious with LA Times Homicide Blog
  24. Forget Lost: Found, Shared by Henderson Downing
    There's archive fever, carrot cake, but no sign of Evangeline Lilly
  25. Attack Decay Sustain Release Love by Alex V. Cook
    Electrelane, the fightin' titans of Brighton enlighten and brighten with "No Shouts, No Calls"

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